Announcement Zekrom is now banned from Ubers UU

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With incredible stats, a really solid STAB combination and the ability to seemingly flip the match up against its checks and counters, Zekrom has been at the forefront of the meta since the very moment it dropped.

Zekrom's attributes make it incredibly restrictive to build, making it so that every team is forced to either run a specific Zekrom counter or just instantly lose against it the moment it boosts, which isn't a difficult thing to do considering the amount of switches it forces due to its double STAB being only resisted by Iron Treads, which is tasked with spinning and dealing with the influx of psychic, dragon and fairy attacks and whose absence of reliable recovery makes it quite vulnerable to being worn down be it either with hazards or chip damage, and Excadrill which, due to the fact of being primarily an offensive pokemon, can't really switch into multiple assaults from Zekrom's coverage options.

It's not only that Zekrom's stats are high, but its toolkit is also incredibly strong. Both Bolt Strike and Scale Shot give Zekrom 100+ STAB options with Scale Shot even rewarding its use by making Zekrom faster and thus more difficult to deal with since the single stage defense drop is not as noticeable thanks to Zekrom's impressive 100/120/100 bulk which lets it live most priority hits, Substitute takes advantage of Zekrom's ability to force switches to make it instantly threatening to the opposing team, Tera Blast gives it the ability to beat even its supposedly counters and support options such as Stealth Rocks or Volt Switch allows Zekrom to be a team player and support both its teammates and itself thanks to the chip damage that both options provide, limiting even more the ability of the opposing mons to take hits from it.

If all of this wasn't enough, thanks to Zekrom's ability Teravolt it can also ignore Unnaware, Multiscale and abilities such as Lighting Rod, Volt Absorb and Motor Drive making the already small pool of Pokemon that could theoretically take on Zekrom (such as Dondozo with the help of tera) even smaller since tera also allows Zekrom to beat its supposed checks and counters thanks to the ability to boost in front of them while switching to a more suitable defensive type that lets it also gain an extra coverage option just in case the opponent brings something else to deal with it.

Even with the amount of new Pokemon that the January tier shifts has granted us, including multiple bulky physically ground types, Zekrom has proven to be able to just blaze past even its most theoretically solid answers and it's for this in addition to huge amount of community support that the SV Ubers UU council has elected to vote on Zekrom with the options being Ban, Do Not Ban, or Abstaining The results are as follows:


DorronFinchelyImperialorder241Leo Justicenap00NJNPQBKing3RubenPaCeSwordIsBored

With a unanimous decision of votes in favor of a ban, Zekrom has been quick banned from SV Ubers UU with a 100% supermajority from the tiering council. Tagging Kris and Marty to implement this as it is effective immediately in SV Ubers UU.
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